Site Re-vamp


If your online shop needs a bit of finessing, tidying up, formatting or general design - we can help. 

How it works:

  • Contact me with your shop name and login details
  • I'll login and have a quick look through 
  • Once I've assessed what needs to be done, I'll provide you a quote - most revamps cost between $150 for smaller sites and $350 
  • While we're in there we'll also check all your site funcitonality is set up and give you any hints to help you on your way. 


Need some help?  Contact me today


Example Site:

This client came to me in a bit of a pickle, she'd created a Storbie account, managd to add some products and information, and then got a bit lost - it was a mess, and the perfect candidate for a 'Site Re-vamp'. I swooped in and fixed up the site structure, synced her deisgn with their international stores and made sure the back end was working properly - all within 2 days of first contacting me. Hvaing uploaded 5 example products, she took care of the rest and managed to get up and running fast enough to take advantage of the christmas rush. On top of making the site look good she purchased a personalised guide to managing your site, and enlisted my help with transferring their already purchased domain name to their new Storbie site.