Online Shops (e-commerce)

Need to get an online shop up and running, fast?

We're experienced in most e-commerce platforms and we partner with Storbie a New Zealand owned platform fully set up to host your online shop -  in fact, this whole website is made on Storbie.

Talk to us today about getting the design and functionality of your shop set up, we're experts in working with e-commerce systems so we can can get everything you need done at lightning speed. Plus, the easy to use system allows you to manage the updates to your website yourself, saving you time and money.

Check out our Online Shop packages which offer great value or talk to us about something else you need and we're happy to help.

All our sites are responsive (so they are optimised across any mobile device) it's a must!

Package deals for better value

Package deals are designed to give Storbie customers better value and make getting set up as easy as possible. If you're after an online shop, that's not a Storbie store - just contact us for a no obligation quote.

All our packages can be customised to suit your needs just contact us and tell us what you need.

Got some questions?  Drop us a line and we'll pair you with the right solution.

All package deals include:

  • Overall design of your site 
  • Responsive design
  • Full site functionality
  • Shipping methods 
  • Payment methods
  • Product options
  • Meta data for each page 
  • Some products loaded to start you off 
  • Free technical support for as long as you need
  • Tips, tricks and support documents

Find out more by clicking on any of the package options below:

Storbie Pricing

If you're after a Storbie solution - check out some of the benefits of being with Storbie here, or their pricing options here, we don't include these in our costs because you'll pay these direct to Storbie and as you grow, so you can change your plan whenever you need to.

e-commerce website

If you're after an e-commerce site that's not a Storbie store contact us today for a no obligation quote. We asses your individual requirements and number of products to make sure you get a cost effective solution without compromising on the design and functionality you need.

Example Sites:

You can view some of our recent sites in action:

This client came to us in a bit of a pickle, she'd created a Storbie account, managed to add some products and information, and then got a bit lost - the perfect candidate for a 'Site Re-vamp'. We were able to fix up the site structure, sync her design with their international stores and ensure the back end was working properly - all within two days of first contacting us. Hvaing uploaded five example products, she took care of the rest and managed to get up and running fast enough to take advantage of the Christmas rush. On top of making the site look good she purchased a Personalised Guide to Managing Your Site, and enlisted our help with transferring their already purchased domain name to their new Storbie site.

This site was made using the Starter Kit package, we took care of the design, site functionality and the first 10 products. The client took care of the rest of the products and continues to manage and update her products,  a great result all round!

This site took advantage of the Full Works plan, with over 100 products and a lot of information for their vast range of services, the client was dedicated to having a stylish and functional store, but was (like most business owners) too busy to dedicate the time to it herself - and that's where we came in. A stress free solution for any robust site.

View more of our work here.